Top 5 Pandora Stations – It always knows what you want to hear…

So, because I’m a music nerd…I burn all 40 free hours of Pandora – every week. I manage to listen to all the songs on my iPod (1800 currently, along with five podcasts), all the playlists I have on Bop City ( and grooveshark)…then its onto Pandora.

You would think this is enough music to get you through a month, much less a week right? Well, when you listen to music when you sleep, when you wake, in the shower, on your walk to the train, on the train itself, on the way home, while the TV is on, in the car, at the beach…you tend to run most songs into the ground.

Always knows what you want to hear...

What I love about Pandora, is that it always knows what I want to hear next. For reals, I will have a song in my head and literally…the next song is the one in my head. This happens a few times every hour or so. I have now gotten to the point where I’m running out of Pandora stations to listen to. I need help. Professional help.

So, while I search for the next great Pandora station…I’ll leave you with my TOP FIVE PANDORA STATIONS. In no particular order, there are as follows.

  1. Discovery – My favorite album from 2009. Great fuse of indie rock and slick electronic beats. Here’s what you’ll hear in the first five songs (Vampire Weekend, Ra Ra Riot, Postal Service, MGMT, Passion Pit)
  2. The Streets (UK) – Its kind of fun hearing a British dude rap. I wish I could have a British accent for one day. Straight forward lyrics, super chill. First five songs…(Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Wale, Dan Black, Drake)
  3. Girl Talk – When you are a DJ who can mash up close to 400 samples on a one hour CD, expect a dance party. Flawless transitions of amazingly mixed pop music. Five five songs…(Daft Punk, Justice, DJ Z-Trip, DJ A-Trak, The Twelves)
  4. Led Zeppelin – When in doubt, look to classic rock. And, who better to look towards to for the best in rock n’ roll. There never may never be a better combo than Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. First Five songs…(The Who, Journey, Rolling Stones, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Boston)
  5. Phoenix – I know that I’m stuck on Phoenix, but I just couldn’t leave them out of the TOP FIVE. French Poppers might be one of the most up/and coming bands in the world right now (even though they’ve been around for 10 years). First Five songs…(Passion Pit, Strokes, Daft Punk, Kings of Leon, Munford & Sons)

Honorable mention:

  1. Postal Service – Ben Gibbard’s ground breaking album “Give Up” created a whole new evolution in music. Other bands like Hot Chip & LCD Sounsystem found inspiration from this album. I wish he’d make a second album. We need it.
  2. Pearl Jam – The reigning kings of grundge are still furiously touring, making new music…pretty much staying on top. Eddie Vedder did a solo project a couple years back for the “Into the Wild” Soundtrack. Hopefully they make an appearance at the Lollapalooza 20 Year Anniverary next year.
  3. Black Keys – Might be the most popular band in the United States right now. I can’t find anyone who doesn’t like them. Blues, raspy vocals, rock n’ roll baby.
  4. Kid Cudi – Perhaps not as talented as some of his predecesors (Common, Kanye, Talib, Mos Def, Jay-Z)…but his station puts all these artists in the mix. Therefore, he goes on the short list.
  5. Dan Black – I define his music like an “Hip-Hop Orchestra.” He can play the drums, the guitar and the piano. He produces everything, and his British falsetto is just dope. He’s great live, and his studio stuff is fantastic.

Picks by the fans:

  • Justin Grulke 1. The Beatles station
    2. Ray Lamontagne station
    3. Andrew Bird Station
    4. Justice station
    5. The Gloaming (Thom Yorke) station
  • Jessica Strieby 1. Chris Whitley
    2. Band of Horses
    3. Citizen Cope
    4. Scissor Sisters
    5. Duffy
  • Kathryn Bonetto Cannon 1. Black Keys
    2. Heartless Bastard
    3. Of Montreal
    4. The Roots
    5. Miike Snow
  • Jen Kedinger 
    1. K’naan
    2. Lily Allen
    3. Daft Punk
    4. Kid Cudi
    5. Kings of Leon
  • Jane Wycoff 1) Biggie
    2) Passion Pit
    3) Ray LaMontagne
    4) Lauryn Hill
    5) Portishead

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  1. Twerk #

    Kid cudi is one of the most talented artist out there.

  2. Mike #

    Summer hits of the 90’s!

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